Mexican Talavera Tile, hammered copper sinks
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This is our featured product this week!

Every week, we select one of our items and offer it at a discounted price. Since we are very proud of our artwork, we offer you this craft 10% off the regular price.

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Veneto Talavera Mexican Tile > 211315-276

Veneto Talavera Mexican Tile
Veneto Talavera Mexican Tile Close-Up
Main characteristics
Width: 2"
Length: 2"
Height: 0.2"
Weight: 0.05 pounds

Our price: $0.45

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This Talavera ceramic tile is hand-painted in a beautiful pattern using a rich color combination: cobalt blue, terracotta, yellow, orange, green, light blue and white. In the manufacturing process the whole tile is painted in white as a first step and then the rest of the tile is painted on top of the white one. This tile can be used as an accent piece or as a decorative wall by itself as shown in the second picture.

This tile is special for small patches or entire wall decoration, as you can see from the pattern found in the last picture.

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