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Arts & Crafts Diamond Polished Hammered Copper Vase Copper Vase

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Arts & Crafts Three-Leg Polished Copper Vase > 50203-9

Arts & Crafts Three-Leg Polished Copper Vase
Main characteristics
Height: 10"
Diameter: 10.5"
Weight: 4.5 pounds

Our price: $155.00

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This copper vase is flat sharply-pronged all the way around it, this makes it a very special piece of art, because all the pronges are done using just a hammer. We got this vase from the skilled coppersmiths from Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico. It also has three little legs to raise its main body from the base. A unique gift for your loved ones or for yourself. This vase is very shiny, if you like this texture, this vase is perfect for you. Once the form is given on this item, the polished shiny texture is got applying an abrasive substance (metal wax) to it. You can put flowers on it. It will really enhance the flowers natural beauty. Suitable for your coffe table or near your fireplace. The hammer footprint is very visible. This vase was made from one sheet of copper, raised with the artist hammer, there are no one welded joints. Hammering the red-hot copper is an ancient technique the coppersmiths use, where no sophisticated tools are used, just the furnace to heat the copper and a hammer to give it the shape.

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