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Hammered Copper Bath Tubs Gallery, Copper Bathtubs, Clawfoot Hammered Copper Bathtub

Give your bathroom a distinguished mission-looking style displaying one our one-of-a-kind hammered copper tubs. The following gallery is the most extensive one you will find online and offline, it is composed of eight different models: six of them are hand hammered, two of them are smooth copper sheet, one of them is nickel-coated inside and one of them is clawfoot copper tub style. To view more details about a particular copper bathtub, click on the corresponding image, it will show up bigger and more detailed pictures along with product description and a in stock notice.

The best way to keep your hammered bath copper tub as new is just wiping up any water residuals left after usage and keeping it as dry as possible. We recommend to apply a food grade wax such as beeswax or orange wax every month or depending on its usage as required. If you just want your tub to age and get its own greenish patina, just use it as normal and do not apply the wax. The copper might get dark spots as ages, specially with heavy water residuals.

Hammered Copper Bath tub
Hammered Copper Bath tub
Royal Copper Bath Tub
Royal Copper Bath Tub
Smooth Copper Bath Tub
Smooth Copper Bath Tub

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