Mexican Talavera Tile, hammered copper sinks
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Hammered Bathroom Copper Sinks, Weathered, Rubbed Bronze, Antique, Natural and Terra Copper Vessels

These bathroom copper sinks are a piece of art. Each one of them will enhance your bathrooms' look and style! We have them in three different finishes: Antique farmhouse (weathered, rubbed bronze), natural (reddish color) and clear (brownish) To view more details about a particular hammered copper farmhouse sink near me, click on the corresponding image and a full set of detailed images will be displayed along its description and its in stock notice.

Terra Hammered Round Bathroom Copper Sink
Terra Hammered Round Bathroom Copper Sink
ITEM No. 190223-11
D: 17", H: 6.75"

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Terra Hammered Round Bathroom Copper Sink
Terra Hammered Round Bathroom Copper Sink
ITEM No. 190223-27
D: 16", H: 7"

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Terra Undermount Hammered Round Bathroom Copper Sink
Terra Undermount Hammered Round Bathroom Copper Sink
ITEM No. 190223-32
D: 17", H: 8.5"

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Terra Hammered Oval Bathroom Copper Sink
Terra Hammered Oval Bathroom Copper Sink
ITEM No. 190223-4
L: 14", W: 19", H: 5.4"

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Copper has been proved to be a natural antibacterial metal. Recent research has shown the bacteria can't live in copper sufaces, this fact is very important for items so close to our daily lifes as a bathroom or kitchen sink are. Besides the natural copper beauty, these properties make a copper kitchen sink or bathroom copper sink an ideal candidate to give life to your kitchen and bath. On the other hand, these same studies have found that bacteria can live on stainless steel, which makes a good-healthy reason fo you to enhance your kitchen or bathroom style with a farmhouse, weathered, or natural-looking copper sink.

All of our copper sinks are manufactured from hand-hammered copper sheets gauge 14, 16 and 18, which is much thicker than gauge 20 or 21. Gauge is reversed in importance and its basis are in the copper wire industry: The smaller the number the thicker the copper sheet. The following table shows the several gauges and its equivalent in milimeters, centimeters, and inches.

  Gauge  Thickness in mm  Thicknes in cm   Thickness in inches  
Copper sheet gauge equivalents in milimeters, centimeters, and inches

Our favorite sentence: "give life to your kitchen and bathroom" is because copper is a changing metal. Because of this feature, it does not stay the same looking as when you get it brand new. Your kitchen or bath copper sink will tarnish (oxidate) with time, the shades created will vary in colors, mostly dark brown, very close to black. They (kitchen and bathroom copper sinks) can also develop greenish spots when aging. If you use any abrasive substances (i.e.leaving toothpaste in bathroom copper sinks for a long time), your copper sink patina (coating layer developed by aging) will be removed and the shiny copper discovered. The nice thing about it is that it will redevelop the patina again as ages, however, it might not be exactly the same as the one it had. This is exactly what we mean by a living copper sink.

Our antique-looking kitchen and bathroom copper sinks are "aged" at the manufacturing process, but again, abrasive substances can destroy it. To minimize this possibility we recommend to wax your copper sink with a bees or canuba wax once or twice a month as you use it, this will also keep humidity away form your sink, preserving the original patina longer. If you just want your copper sink to age naturally, you do not need to do anything to it, it will tarnish with time, which is the beauty of copper: the older it gets the more charming it looks.

Besides the weathered copper finish, our copper kitchen and bathroom sinks also come in two other different finishes: The natural-looking one, (where the copper sheet is very reddish as a result of the manufacturing process where hot-red copper is cooled down almost instantly using cold water) and the clear-looking one (which is a more uniform brown finish, the copper sheet does not present many changes or spots because they are covered with a smooth brown patina). Browse our catalog to find these different finishes and pick the one you like the best and goes perfectly with your home decor style.

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